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Universal Feed Mill Corporation  (UNIFEEDS) is a Cebu-based company engaged in the manufacture of high quality Hog, Poultry and Gamefowl Feeds.


In 1984, UP Los Banos alumnae, Dr. Avelino de Manuel ( a Veterinarian ), and his wife, Elenita Trinidad-de Manuel ( an Animal Nutritionist ) started JM Poultry & Livestock Supply in Mandaue City, Cebu. Their first store sold agri-vet supplies to mostly backyard raisers. When typhoon Ruping hit the province, delivery of supplies was cut-off and commercial feeds became unavailable. This prompted the de Manuels to formulate and manufacture their own feeds to respond to their customers' clamor for easily available, high quality feeds at the least possible cost. Through word of mouth, their customer base steadily expanded and Universal Feed Mill Corporation was established.


Today, after more that 25 years since UNIFEEDS's inception, the company now proudly stands as one of the leaders in feed manufacturing in the Visayas-Mindanao region. The company has since built three state-of-the-art Feed mills with the newest facility covering over 3ha in Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu. UNIFEEDS now supplies some of the biggest commercial farms in the VisMin area as well as innumerable backyard & semi-commercial farms. UNIFEEDS's product lines have also expanded to include specialized feeds for specific stages in the animals's growth. In 2008, DALCO (Dumanjug Agri-Livestock Corporation ) a modern 500-sow level hog farm, was established for R&D of its feeds and to help monitor the efficiency of UNIFEEDS products. The company regularly conducts hog/poultry/gamefowl raising seminars to train backyard raisers on how to optimize their inputs & translate them into higher profits. As part of the company's commitment to extend the best service to our customers, the company has extension servicemen ( trained Animal Science graduates ) as well as Animal Nutritionist and a roving Epidemiologist/Veterinarian to further assist the farmers/raisers. All the company's product lines are readily available at all 76 branches of JM Poultry & Livestock Supply stores all over the Visayas & Mindanao areas.


Even with UNIFEEDS and JM Poultry & Livestock Supply's rapid growth & success, the de Manuels still haven't forgotten and continuously strive to achieve their primary vision when they began UNIVERSAL FEED MILL CORPORATION : t o readily provide raisers with the highest quality feeds at the least possible cost. Their countless loyal customers can attest to this commitment to quality & cost-effectiveness.

Mission and Vision

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